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Exhibition Planning

Exhibition Planning

  • Large-Scale Exhibition Planning

CCOC is continuously organizing the large-scale exhibitions that offers various kind of experiences by bringing the artworks from the foreign famous museum and the famous artist’s artworks.


  • Development of Differentiated Exhibition

CCOC trying to not only organize the various painting exhibition but also develop the differentiated exhibition that audience can enjoy and experience the exhibition.


  • Host the Foreign Exhibition

Based on know-how from abundant experiences, CCOC continuously trying to develop good quality of exhibition either at home or abroad.


  • Sharing the Large-Scale Exhibition Planning

CCOC are sharing our direct and indirect information with our cooperators about the large exhibitions which is showing in Korea.

Exhibition Manage

Exhibition Substitution

  • Exhibition Hall Rental

Renting of the exhibition hall is a very important task in the exhibition business. trying to look for the best place to put on an exhibition. always analyze carefully to find the best exhibition hall where the content of the exhibition can be highlighted.


  • Exhibition Management

Based on know-how from abundant experiences and professional consultation, progress the efficient management for the exhibition. are not only select the best place for the exhibition but also provide the various solutions for the success of the exhibition such as the investment, marketing, advertisement, and the development of the art goods.


  • Exhibition Hall Design

While planning the exhibition, directing the exhibition hall and forming the movement of visitors are easy to overlook. CCOC minimize the inconvenience of visitors by making the exhibition in the best condition. CCOC are also increase the satisfaction of the exhibition by encouraging a pleasant and comfortable viewing through making visitor’s movements natural.


  • Management of Professional Docent

To enhance the satisfaction of the audiences, CCOC exhaustively teaches the professional docent to improve professionalism and completely understand contents of work. CCOC also inform professional docents that how to respond to visitors.


Advertisement and Marketing

  • High Quality of Contents and Advertisement

The success or failure of the exhibition depends on the high quality of the contents, the good circumstance of the exhibition hall and the thorough management. However, if no one notifies the exhibition to the public, no matter how it is a good exhibition, it is useless.


  • Targeting: Know-How of CCOC

Thorough advertisement and marketing, CCOC are efficiently finding the proper target and induce them to come to the exhibition hall.


  • The Least Expense, the Most Effect

By finding diverse ways of advertisement that can maximize the effect with minimum cost, CCOC share it with various partners as well as applying it to exhibitions CCOC managed directly.


  • Reinforcement of Online Marketing

Through the digital marketing expert, who is on the rise in nowadays, CCOC identifies the characteristic of the online and advertise contents at the various circumstances with professional planning ability. CCOC also run own influencer team which is influential on social media to differentiate online promotion.


Development of Art Products

  • Art Product Organizing

CCOC organize the various and abundant high-quality art products that can touch the emotion of the visitor such as poster, magnet, panel…etc.


  • Development of the foreign product

CCOC will sell not only locally produced art products, but also sell the various and distinctive overseas art product by directly importing them. Or by benchmarking them, CCOC hope to help develop internal art products.


  • The development of network through the university-industry cooperation

Through the university-industry cooperation with Saejong University Animation Department, CCOC plan and develop various art products, and also study the network for development of art products.


  • Substituting Art shop Management

Based on various exhibition experiences, CCOC developed the know-how of succeeding the exhibition and art shop. Through the proper organization of products that could highlight the contents of the exhibition, CCOC can contribute to the corporate success with the host company.

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